Tío Tomatillo's Cocina started in 2008.  

Our main guiding principles:  


  • Create beautiful and delicious food based on family recipes using only the highest quality meats and produce; wherever possible we use organic and locally farmed products.  

  • Provide Excellent service guided by the Golden Rule by treating our clients as if they are part of the family and provide the service we would expect! 

  • Make a difference by creating as little impact on the environment and giving to charities such as the HIV/AIDS Research Foundation, Feed the Children, and Susan G. Komen.  

Chef Raymond learned the basics of good cooking at home from his mom and dad.  He inherited el buen sazón for which both sides of the family are known for.  

Raymond honed his skills in culinary institutes, working in restaurants, training as a sommelier and surrounding himself by people who enjoy good food.   

"Good food isn't complicated; the ingredients should be simple, fresh, and of the highest quality.  Let passion and creativity do the rest."  

He enjoys listening to jazz while he is cooking.  

Find some of Raymond's favorite recipes in ​La Cocina.

Tío Tomatillo's

About Us

* People who love to eat are always the best people.

- Julia Child